DWDM OADM Optical add-drop multiplexer- one channel dual fiber DWDM OADM LC connector
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DWDM OADM Optical add-drop multiplexer- one channel dual fiber DWDM OADM LC connector

An optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) is a device used in wavelength-division multiplexing systems for multiplexing and routing different channels of light into or out of a single mode fiber (SMF). This is a type of optical node, which is generally used for the formation and the construction of optical telecommunications networks. "Add" and "drop" here refer to the capability of the device to add one or more new wavelength channels to an existing multi-wavelength WDM signal, and/or to drop (remove) one or more channels, passing those signals to another network path. An OADM may be considered to be a specific type of optical cross-connect.

DWDM/AD modules are Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (OADM). The DWDM/AD modules add (multiplex) and drop (demultiplex) selected channels, or wavelengths, on both directions (east and west) or one direction (east or west) of a DWDM common fiber link. The technology enables intelligent planning and flexible provisioning of optical services while simplifying the deployment and maintenance of optical networks. Access points can be added to linear, bus, and ring networks, where the east and west ring design provides redundant protected architecture. Rollball provides 1 channel dual fiber DWDM OADM compact box, the features of DWDM OADM are shown below:


· Multiplexing of up to 1 channel on fiber pair

· High quality film filter technology

· Secure physical separation between data channels

· Transparent operation – protocol and topology independent

· Low insertion loss, splice/pigtailed ABS module low profile modular design

· Passive, no electric power required

· Duplex LC/UPC connectors, easily support duplex patch cables between the transceiver and passive unit

· Wavelengths fall within the ITU-T G.694.2 DWDM grid standard from C17 to C61(1563.86~1528.77nm) with 0.8 nm spacing

· Opearting Temperature: -10°C~ +70°C


· DWDM system

· Long haul/Metro networks

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1DOADMDF-XX-LCU one channel, dual fiber, add/drop, compact size compact box CH27-CH60 optional, LC/UPC

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